ELT stands for "Electronic Lien and Title". The USA ELT electronic lien and title program is used for managing titles that have liens on them (e.g. electronic liens).

Electronic liens are valid enforceable liens. The primary difference between a paper lien and an electronic lien is simply how the information is stored. Both liens originate in state DMV offices. With a standard lien, the DMV office processes lien paperwork (i.e. title application, notice of lien) and prints a paper title with the lienholder information on it.

With an electronic lien the DMV still processes the lien paperwork (i.e. title application, notice of lien), but instead of providing the lienholder with a printed title, the DMV transmits the data securely to USA ELT, where the lien information is stored securely. Watch a fun, informative video that explains ELT clearly.

The USA ELT system is a fantastic and necessary tool for lienholders to manage electronic liens. There is no need for a lienholder to store paper titles - we handle that electronically. Within the USA ELT system lienholders have the ability to:

  • view liens with all the information that would normally appear on a paper title
  • release the lien when the customer has paid off the loan
  • request a printed copy of the title

The user friendly format of USA ELT allows lienholders to manage an entire portfolio of electronic liens from multiple states in one place easily. Manage a collection of user rights so each staff member receives access to just what's necessary for their role (i.e. allow or do not allow User A to release liens). Review useful charts and reports to understand and manage your entire electronic lien and title portfolio.

ELT is a common practice being integrated into many states' DMV procedures and requirements these days. Electronic lien and title service has been optional in many states since the early 2000s, but little by little there is growing awareness to the benefits realized by State DMV offices when they transition to requiring lienholders to manage liens electronically.