Watch the ELT Program summary video above to understand more about ELT electronic lien and title.

The electronic lien and title program is replacing paper titles. Using our ELT program changes the way you store titles with liens, release the liens when they are satisfied (paid off). Electronic liens allow you to print copies at your convenience should you want a paper title. The USA ELT program is used for liens on vehicles, vessels and mobile homes.

To make a lien on a title electronic, the lienholder files paperwork with their state DMV office just as it's been done for many years. The one variation is that now an identification number known as an "ELT ID Number" is included on the lien filing paperwork. This ID number is what indicates to the DMV and USA ELT which account the lien gets submitted to and stored in.

After receiving your lien paperwork, the DMV processes it by typing the vehicle info, customer info, and lienholder's ELT ID Number into their system.

The DMV system then securely sends all that information to USA ELT where it resides safely and securely.

Once the lien information is in the USA ELT system it can be managed. What is managing an electronic lien? Basically, managing an electronic lien includes viewing the lien information in a visually friendly format, releasing the lien when the lien is satisfied (paid off), and requesting a printed copy of the title.